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There are a lot of carpet cleaning firms out there - so why chose us?

1. Our company - we have been in business since 1986 - so we know what we are doing.

2. Our employees - the owners of the company actively work in the business every day cleaning carpets, or training new employees to clean carpets to the highest possible standard.

3. Our equipment - experience (bitter experience) has taught my brother and I the importance of investing in the very best carpet cleaning equipment available.

That means investing around $50,000 per carpet cleaning unit. It is true that we could clean your carpets with a $5,000 portable machine, but our large commercial truck mounts will clean your carpet more thoroughly, and dry them more quickly than any other machine on the market. We carry our own water and our powerful machines use less water to clean your carpets.

Some carpets need steam cleaning and some need dry cleaning.

We offer both services - and can advise you on the best method for your carpets.

Which is the best method?

Steam or hot water extraction is generally considered to be the most thorough method due to its use of high pressure hot water and extremely high vacuum levels.

However, there are many situations where carpets being left wet will be inappropriate and in that instance carpet dry cleaning should be considered.

In some situations wet carpets are at best a safety risk and at worst a health risk for small children.


Carpet steam cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning

Flood restoration

Fire restoration

Upholstery cleaning

Carpet repairs

Urine contamination treatment


Upholstery cleaning - fabric

Upholstery cleaning - leather

Upholstery protection


In situ curtain cleaning


Floor tiles

Wall tiles


Authentic rug cleaning

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